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My Journey To The Dell XPS 8500

Over the last few months I have become quite the busy man with my real estate photography company and last week I decided it was time to invest some of that money back into my business.
So last Thursday I sat down and decided to come up with a list of things I needed. It didn’t take me more than 10 seconds to figure that out. My desktop PC had run its course and it was time for something new.

I had been considering an iMac for quite some time but I figured I can get a PC with the exact same specs for a fraction of the price. Generally I would suggest building a computer from the ground up but Dell had a wonderful payment plan that was just too good to pass up (12 months no interest). So I decided to go to the Dell website and build myself a new computer. After a little bit of fun I ended up choosing the Dell XPS 8500 Special Edition. For $1599+tax I ended up with:

– 3rd Generation Core i7-3770

– 16gb DDR3 Ram

– 2TB hard drive + 256GB SSD

– AMD Radeon HD 7870

Now that that was out of the way it was time for me to decide on a monitor. This is where it got REALLY tricky. As a photographer I felt I needed to spend a little bit of extra money here to get a monitor that had above average colour reproduction technology and most importantly a large amount of screen resolution.

After 4 days of research I decided to go with the Dell Ultra Sharp U2711. This monitor boasted a 2550×1440 resolution display, wide colour gamut, 6ms response time and a great return policy in case I didn’t like it. The monitor came in 2 days later and let me say this. I will never buy another monitor with anti glare coating until they have fixed this ridiculous issue. The whites looked like they had fairy dust sprinkled all over and the amount of heat this monitor gives…sheesh. I called Dell the next day and told them I wanted to return the monitor (thank God for their great return policy).

So last night I ordered the Samsung S27A850D. It should be coming in within the next 2-3 days.  I cant wait to view 360 virtual tours on these bad boys.


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